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Still a fan

I’m still a big Fan of the Astros. Yes i’m disappointed. But life go’s on and i still adore them guys.If they where to read this. I say thanks guys for trying your best and for being a class act.See ya in 2006. Again to the White Soxs fans  and others that choose to be an ***.Guess what i don’t care what you say. I have put up with a lot of **** from fans of several teams. From fans who gave me **** when i stuck by Todd Zeile through all these years. Mostly Cards fans. Jealous people that did not get the fact that me and Todd were friends and called me names.Cards fans that don’t understand my love of baseball in general. The ones who can’t understand how me as a female know more about baseball. Than a lot of them do. The drunks at Busch Stadium  that choose to pick on a female. What ***** *** men.Through all this. I have grown to be a stronger person. Yes i use to give a **** what folks think. But the older i get. The less i care. I like who i like and peoples snide comments won’t make me change my mind. It just makes me dislike some baseball fans even more. I hate sore winners and sore losers. My Astros lost. But i still have a lot of respect for them.I’m not a fan of any AL teams. But i respect the fact the White Soxs won. But i won’t celebrate that. Because i’m not a phoney.