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Sean Casey

Last night i hardly got any sleep.***** why do the Reds have to trade a guy like Sean?***** i hate this happening. Sean is such a cool guy. Plus they are trading him for a nobody. Geez **** baseball owners. I might still attend a few Reds games. But if they have a fire sale. I’m done with the Reds. I wish they’d get rid off Dunn instead. He is kind of an ***. I guess i will go see some Pirate games. At least Sean is not going to the Yankees, Braves or other teams i can’t stand. If Sean was to come across my Blog. I highly doubt he will. But if he did. I’d just like to thank him for all his kindness and wish him the best of luck.Picture Below Taken in 2003.         4ee9_3


Todd Zeile and More

Just posting a tiny bit of stuff. Yesterday
i changed the way my Profile looks on My Space. Now the
profile is set up to promote Todd’s movie Dirty Deeds. His
first movie. I’m so use to seeing him play baseball. So it
will be different seeing him in a movie. The Movie comes out
in late August. Right after my 35th birthday. It’s not a
baseball movie. It’s a teen comedy. Other players involved in
the movie are Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura and a few others. I
forget who else they are. But they are all friends with Todd.
Todd is the only baseball player in the movie. Todd plays a
homeless guy. I hardly have seen a game this year in person.
I miss going to the stadium and seeing the game i love. I’d
amit i don’t miss the crazy fans or the ebay jerks. Them i
could do without. But i still love the