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Wow Reds Streak

Happy Happy Joy Joy. Ok i’m being silly. But **** my Reds have won 8 games straight. I had such a blast this week seeing the Cards get beat at Busch Stadium. Plus hanging out by the Reds dug out during BP. Talking To Jason Larue,David Ross,Brandon Phillips, Rick White, Kent Mercker and  Bronson.I will add the pictures i took in another day or 2.      


A New Season

  •  The 2006 Season started this past week. In 2006 i hope all goes well. More pictures at games will be taken. I got myself a new digital camera. Friday April 14th i think might be my first game at the new Busch Stadium in St.Louis. But i might attend a game earlier next week to check out the new stadium before The Reds get here. Just not this coming Monday April 10th which is opening day. One no ticket. Plus i have other things to do after getting off my vacation.But Friday April 14th i know i will be at the game. will be sad though because of Sean Casey no longer a Red. But i got tickets to see Sean later on in April.      

1 more game

Omg just one more win and the Astros go to the World Series.I hope they can win it tommrow.I hope Brad Ausmus, Morgan Ensberg and Craig Biggio steps it up a bit. Plus i hope Jeff Bagwell can pinch hit and do something. Todays game at times made me nervous. But my boys pulled it off. I wish i had money to go to the World Series. Chicago is only 4 hours from me. If i went the Soxs fans would hate me to lol jk. I’d go nuts if the Astros won the World Series.   

2 More Left

The Astros have 2 more to win to make it to the WS. God i hope they win it at home.I hope Brad Ausmus gets it going and becomes the NLCS MVP. After all he is my favorite Astro. I tried to add more picture today. But my computer is acting up again. I have several decent pictures of Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Brad Ausmus and Morgan.Plus pictures of Jim Deshaies. Yikes i think i didn’t spell Jim’s last name correct.Oh well i think most Astro  fans know what i mean.

Go Astros

Yesterday i went to Busch Stadium to see The Astros outside the stadium before the game.Was not sure if i would get to go to the game or not. Not many of the players signed autpgraphs. I got Chris Burk, Jason Lane, Milo Hamilton and one other guy. I did get to go to the game. Thanks to these 2 fellow Astro fans. They had an extra ticket and sold it to me for  less than face value. I sat in section 218 row 17 seat 4. Best seat i ever had during the playoffs. During BP i went to the Left field bleachers to watch BP. One of the Astro trainers gave me a baseball. I was standing in the second row of the bleachers during BP. When The trainer threw the ball up to the guy infront of me and asked the guy to give me the ball.That was really nice of him. After that the trainer got yelled at by the crowd to throw more baseballs. But he just ignored all the yelling. Then i went to my seat and Cheered on the Astros. They won 4 to 1 and i had a blast. My usher friend Mike thinks the Astros will win it on Monday in Houston. I hope he is right. Mike likes the Astros a little bit. But he wants a White Sox’s- Cards world Series. Mostly to make more money and see his favorite team the White Soxs play here.But he thinks the Astros is a better team than the Cards this year.I tend to agree with him. But i love The Astros.I do have some pictures from games this year. But at times my computer is acting up. So i will add pictures when i can.      

LOL Braves

LOL Sorry Braves fans. But they lost 10 to 5. I’m on could 9. The Astros kicked ***. It was a pretty good game. Morgan got the player of the game.I hope they can  win 2 more in a row. Tommrow i hope the Cardinals get beat. I hope Brian Giles has a big part in that.   

No Phillies, Yes Astros and Padres

Well it’s been a long season. It is now playoff time. The Phillies did not make it. But i’m still proud of that team. Plus still a fan. Plus i’m glad Jimmy Rollins had that 36 game hitting streak. During this whole NL Wild Card race i had mixed feelings. Because i happen to like both teams that were involved.The Phillies didn’t make it. But i’m happy another team i like made it. I hope Brad Ausmus, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell and Morgan Ensberg beat the heck out of the Braves.God i hate the Braves.I want to go to one Cards VS Padres playoff game. Because i like Brian Giles. Hopefully there are tickets for Thursday game left. I was going to go today’s game. But i didn’t sleep well last night. At times i can’t sleep because of depression.I cried a lot today because i miss Todd and other things are bugging me to.Todd Zeile is my Hero and i miss him a lot.