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I Like Who I Like

I like who i like and no other fan can change my mind. I live amongst Cards fans. But i’m no Cards Fan. I like My Reds,Phillies, Astros and several other players.No matter how many people try to debate with me about baseball. I won’t change my mind. Even If The Cardinals Win The World Series. I won’t become a fan.I’m rooting for the Tigers. I want them to win because of Sean Casey and Todd Jones. Plus i like Justin Verlander. But Sean and Todd i have been a fan of for many years. I hope Sean Goes back to the Reds in 2007. That would make me a very happy Reds fan.   


Another Loss

Crud Reds and Phillies Lost. I can remember this time last week. I was so excited about how the Reds where playing.Now i’m bummed and broken hearted again. My Reds and Phillies always find a way to break my heart. My Astros won. As usal the Cards are in 1st place. I want to gag. EWWW Cardinals.   

Adding Reds Pictures

Going to try and add most of my Reds pictures from this past week tonight. Reds lost the last 2 games. But it’s still a long season.64 more days i think till the Reds play in St. Louis again. Can’t wait till they are here again.I got in a discussion of the Reds with my friend Kevin. But he is Cards-Yankee locver. As usal he was making fun of my teams. Plus he keeps telling me that it will be Yankees and Cards World Series. LOL He has been wrong every year that i have known him.       

Pictures soon

Tommrow i’m going to add pictures i took so far. Braves, White Soxs,Reds, Cards and Brewers pictures coming soon.Last week i went to 4 games at the new Busch stadium. My Reds only won one of the 3 games i went to. But it was great seeing them again.I wish they would have won yesterdays game. It was such a close game. It was a bit of a heart breaker. Plus i did not like how the Cards fans or players acted. It was game 12 of the season and both Cards fans and players acted like they won the World Series. I got plenty of autographs from the Reds and meet some really nice new Reds players. Plus got to meet David Ross again. Meet him 2 times awhile back when he played with the Dodgers. Missed Sean Casey a bit. But still was glad to be a Reds fan. Next week the Pirates come into St.Louis. But Sean just went on the DL. So i might not see him untill later on this year. That’s kind of a bummer for me. But as long as i get to see Sean some time this year i’m ok.

No Brian For St. Louis

The Cards did not get Brian Giles. He is staying near his home. I still wish he would have went to the Astros. Buti’m glad he didn’t become a Cardinal, Brave or a Yankee. Bummer about Billy Wagner going to the Mets. But i’m still a big Billy Wagner fan. I just hope the Phillies hold on to Lieby and The Astros keep Brad Ausmus. I got a new digital camera. Still need to learn how it works.I hope to take plenty of pictures during the 2006 season. 

Missing the game

It’s Mid November. About a month since i went to a baseball game. I’m bored and i think it will be a long off season.I hope Billy Wagner stays with the Phillies. I hope Brian Giles goes to the Astros.  I don’t want  him to be a Cardinal.I got my Astros NLCS Champ shirt today in the mail. I think i’m going to wear it to the concert i’m going to on Saturday.