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New Busch Stadium Thoughts

I admit this is from My Space Blog i wrote a few days ago.Some times with Dial up the MLB Blogs can be slow.Ok after going to several games at the new Busch Stadium.I have more comments to make. Batting Practice time is pretty much the same. All fans can go near the Dug Out and trying to get players signatures. But seeing the players outside the stadium is not easy like it was at the old Busch Stadium. The first day the Reds where here  it was easy. But now i heard most Taxis are figuring where to drop the players off by this gated area. Plus a team bus goes in there.I seen this moody security guard a few times already.He gave me a nasty look tonight when he saw me. But i was not doing anthing wrong. But i think he did that because he remembers when the Reds where here the first night. A few of the Reds players did not get on the bus at first and  they came over by this one gate me and a few others stood near. Well David Ross told me and others to go to the end of the gate area and he’d meet us there. So we walked over and meet David there.This guy started to yell at the few of us and then started to yell at David. This guy is gonna have problems with several players then. Especially since 2 bars are not far from there. I overheard him tonight  trying to tell a Pirate player and his friend where to leave the area. Not to go walking over to the bars over there. Those 2 bars are known as the players hang outs.That gated area is the nearest way to them bars.I remember a guy looking like that last year giving me and Sean Casey a hard time.I think if a player wants to talk to fans in certain areas. The security should not interfer. Then there is how to get to level 4. You have to take an escelator half way up and then walk the half way up some stairs. Then after games if a persion sits in level 4 you have to walk down 4 flights of steps.This is not good for older people. I know several older people that love going to baseball games. But can only afford the cheap seats. To me that whole thing is not good for older people or good for hot summer months. I don’t think the owners and those who built this new stadium thought about people with disabilties and others with health issues. Yes they have disabled seating. But in better more expensive area’s of Busch Stadium.They need the escelator to go all the way to level 4. Not stop half way up.  Some of the ushers they have here are some of the rude ones they had at the old stadium.Like Harold. This jerk has given me a hard time about getting players signatures. What mostly bugs me about that  he is security on the field and he asks players for signatures while on the job.Tonight during batting practice. He came over to the visitors dug out. He did not see Sean. So who does he come over to and ask where Sean is at first me.Sean at times talks to him. But usally Harold is the one who approachs him.I have heard him ask Sean several times for signatures and game used stuff. Sean never gives him stuff. But he has tried for the past 3 years or so.Then when he see’s Sean near me he makes comments to me or Sean. Like no throwing stuff at players if a player wants to sign he will tell ya.Plus he has said to  To Sean   Harold has said So i can hwar it is  that girl annoying or what. Sean even has apologized for Harolds behavior a few times.I think Sean should not have to apologize for that jerk.  I never throw stuff at players unless they tell me to. Plus i’m not a good thrower so i tend to ask the players to walk over by the camera thing.So i can just hand them stuff to sign. Plus a few times Sean, Brian Giles, Todd Zeile and Brian Jordan. Have told Harold that i’m not rude like that. That i know how to behave myself. Harold has in the past at the old stadium let Tidbit and a few others in some seats nobody is allowed during Batting practice in unless you have a ticket there. Then chased off a bunch of others. He would let his buddies do stuff. That others are not allowed to do.I wish they would have gotten rid of him.I was so annoyed when he came over to me and asked me about Sean. I know he did it because he knows i know more of what is going on than he does. I was about Sean not making the trip here with his team. When i got to the stadium today to wait for the gates to open. I had 5 people come up and tell me that my boy Sean was not seen  entering any where in the stadium and that Joe Randa took the bus. LOL i did not even ask anyone what was going on. They just knew why i had tickets to that game. They where right Sean did not make it here. Sean has back issues and needs to take care of himself.As much as i miss Sean and his bright smile. I just want him to  get better.Food and Drink Prices went up. Now it’s 5 bucks for a 32 ounce soda. After the game George saw me and asked me what i was doing there. He said i have not seen you at a Pirates  game since Brian Giles left the Pirates. George did not know that Sean Casey got traded last fall to the Pirates.George asked me if i was gonna turn into a Pirates fan. The answer to that is **** No.Why do baseball players and Rock stars have such messy autograph?.Some times i think they write messy on purpose. I also wonder why folks want autographs of players when they don’t know who they are. Like Joe Randa.I like Joe a lot. But he is not a big name player. Most times i get his autograph. People ask me who he is. Right infront of him. At Tuesdays nights game that happend again. Joe must be getting tired of this. Because he told these kids why do you want my autograph when you don’t know who i am. Joe has played a good while. So people by now should know who he is. Well i’m tired and it’s late. Day game tommrow.                                 


Taking Pictures

Been to the Busch Stadium site several times. Got a new digital camera 3 weeks ago. Some pictures are already posted in the picture thing. So go check them out. I have fond memeories of the old Busch Stadium. Not sure if i will like the new one. I”m bored and can’t wait till the 2006 season starts.