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Busy Week Coming Up

Starting Thursday i will be busy. Going to
games Thursday thru Sunday. Then after Sundays game.I’m going
to My Aunt and Uncles for Easter.Look out for baseball
pictures coming soon. I like to take pictures and share
them.Wow my Reds are doing well so far.My Phillies are doing
bad. But i’m still a fan.Astros are doing ok i


Ugh this *****

Ugh i’m so bummed over game 3 of the World Series. To any White Soxs fans who read this and want to be jack *****. Screw you people. Last night really was sad. I have such mixed feelings about game 3. I really like Geoff Blum. But he is a White Sox now. Plus i adore the Astros. It really was upsetting to see him hit that homerun wearing a White Soxs uniform. But i don’t hate the guy.I’m still a fan of his. But i’m not turning into a White Sox fan either. I’m sticking by my Astros.I hope they can win tonight. It’s been an up and down type of season. I remember in April when they lost 4 games a row to St. Louis at Busch Stadium. I had tickets to those 4 games. But got really sick and could not attend any of them games. I stayed home and watched them games on tv. The first 2 months or so of this season where disappointing. But things got a bit better. But i never gave up on the Astros, Reds or Phillies. I would check box scores every day to see how everyone was doing. Plus go to MLB.com every day to see what was going on.I still had hope for those i love in baseball. This world Series is as disappointing as the 2000 World Series. No i was not a Met or Yankee fan back then. But my most favorite person in baseball was in the World Series. I’m talking about Todd Zeile. A lot of folks don’t understand why i like Todd so much. But he came in my life when things really ****** and he made it a bit better.I grew up living near Todd and meet him in 1987 and we remained friends through out all these years. In  December of 1992 i moved to the St. Louis area. Todd still played for the St. Louis Cardinals.I was shy and very insecure about myself back then. Todd knew i was moving there. So when the 1993 season started. I went to Busch Stadium to meet up with him. Well Todd helped me get up the nerve to approach other players i look up to.Plus i learned a lot from Todd. To this day i feel if it was not for Todd. I would never have meet other players i like.Ok enough about Todd for now lol.Some say there is no crying in baseball. I tend to disagree with that statement. I have gotten emotional several times over baseball and have cried. At times i hate getting excited about baseball stuff. Because i tend to get disappointed at times. But i just love the game so much and the guys in it. 

Good Job Astros

Last nights NLCS game 6 kicked ***. I’m so glad they won it in St. Louis. I saw a lot of fans leaving around the 8th inning. I guess the Cardinals fans gave up. I was so excited last night.I am so proud of the Astros. Plus happy for them all. Now i hope they kick the White Soxs ***. I wish i could go to a World Series game. But i don’t have that kind of money. I will just watch the games on Tv and root for them from my own living room. I’m glad in the World Series there is the DH so Jeff Bagwell can play more. I felt bad that Jeff didn’t get to play much in the NLDS or NLCS. But i’m sure he will kick *** in the World Series.

Bummed Out

Bummed out because of Game 5. The Astros were so close to winning that game. My heart goes out to all the Astros players.Especially Brad Lidge and Craig Biggio. Lidge because he tried his hardest and lost the game. Biggio because he has waited 18 years to go to the World Series. The Astros are still one game ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals.I hope the Astros can still win it. I don’t know what i’m going to do. I’m broke.Maybe i can get a standing room only ticket and go to game 6. But i highly doubt it. But i will hang out outside Busch Stadium and hope to God they win it here. I still have faith.