in 2010

I have not blogged on here in ages.I might start blogging here again.Soon the 2010 baseball season starts.Ok first off let me tell you a bit about myself.Hi my name is Shannon and i’m 39 years old.Been a baseball fan for almost 30 years now.Moved to the Stl area a few months before the 1993 baseball season.Unlike some baseball fans.I like more than one team.I like the Reds,Phillies and Astros.I attend most baseball games at Busch Stadium.I take the Metro Link to most baseball games.I attend 40 plus baseball games a year.I sit high up in the nosebleed seats.I don’t mind sitting in the nosebleed seats.I am not a snob who has to sit in the pricey seats.At most games i attend i hang out buy the visitors dugout trying to get players autographs.I have good luck getting players autographs.Every now and then i get my picture taken with the players.The pictures that i have taken with the players are usally taken outside Busch Stadium before or after a game.During the 2010 season i will share baseball players pictures on here.Plus i will share a few from other seasons.I have plenty of pictures to share.add me on facebook Bye Shannon


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