Pictures soon

Tommrow i’m going to add pictures i took so far. Braves, White Soxs,Reds, Cards and Brewers pictures coming soon.Last week i went to 4 games at the new Busch stadium. My Reds only won one of the 3 games i went to. But it was great seeing them again.I wish they would have won yesterdays game. It was such a close game. It was a bit of a heart breaker. Plus i did not like how the Cards fans or players acted. It was game 12 of the season and both Cards fans and players acted like they won the World Series. I got plenty of autographs from the Reds and meet some really nice new Reds players. Plus got to meet David Ross again. Meet him 2 times awhile back when he played with the Dodgers. Missed Sean Casey a bit. But still was glad to be a Reds fan. Next week the Pirates come into St.Louis. But Sean just went on the DL. So i might not see him untill later on this year. That’s kind of a bummer for me. But as long as i get to see Sean some time this year i’m ok.


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