Sean Casey

Last night i hardly got any sleep.***** why do the Reds have to trade a guy like Sean?***** i hate this happening. Sean is such a cool guy. Plus they are trading him for a nobody. Geez **** baseball owners. I might still attend a few Reds games. But if they have a fire sale. I’m done with the Reds. I wish they’d get rid off Dunn instead. He is kind of an ***. I guess i will go see some Pirate games. At least Sean is not going to the Yankees, Braves or other teams i can’t stand. If Sean was to come across my Blog. I highly doubt he will. But if he did. I’d just like to thank him for all his kindness and wish him the best of luck.Picture Below Taken in 2003.         4ee9_3


One comment


    sean casey is a very good guy. he is my favorite player. i am so glad he signed a 1 year deal with the are so lucky to get to meet sean casey. he is the best.go tigers!!!

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