2009 pictures

I just added on my new baseball site 5 pictures that i had taken with baseball players last year   http://shannonsbaseball.webs.com/

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 The players i had my picture taken with where Dan Uggla,Wes Helms,Mark Loretta,Mark Sweeny and Jeremy Affeldt.Here is where u can see me with the baseball players http://shannonsbaseball.webs.com/baseballplayers.htm


in 2010

I have not blogged on here in ages.I might start blogging here again.Soon the 2010 baseball season starts.Ok first off let me tell you a bit about myself.Hi my name is Shannon and i’m 39 years old.Been a baseball fan for almost 30 years now.Moved to the Stl area a few months before the 1993 baseball season.Unlike some baseball fans.I like more than one team.I like the Reds,Phillies and Astros.I attend most baseball games at Busch Stadium.I take the Metro Link to most baseball games.I attend 40 plus baseball games a year.I sit high up in the nosebleed seats.I don’t mind sitting in the nosebleed seats.I am not a snob who has to sit in the pricey seats.At most games i attend i hang out buy the visitors dugout trying to get players autographs.I have good luck getting players autographs.Every now and then i get my picture taken with the players.The pictures that i have taken with the players are usally taken outside Busch Stadium before or after a game.During the 2010 season i will share baseball players pictures on here.Plus i will share a few from other seasons.I have plenty of pictures to share.add me on facebook Bye Shannon

Harry Kalas

RIP Harry Kalas.Sad to hear of his
death.Will miss hearing his voice.I was lucky enough to meet
Harry a few times.When i meet him.We talked baseball for a
few minutes.I have meet others in baseball media.Many who
where a bit standoffish.But Harry was just Harry.He was just
a nice guy.

I Like Who I Like

I like who i like and no other fan can change my mind. I live amongst Cards fans. But i’m no Cards Fan. I like My Reds,Phillies, Astros and several other players.No matter how many people try to debate with me about baseball. I won’t change my mind. Even If The Cardinals Win The World Series. I won’t become a fan.I’m rooting for the Tigers. I want them to win because of Sean Casey and Todd Jones. Plus i like Justin Verlander. But Sean and Todd i have been a fan of for many years. I hope Sean Goes back to the Reds in 2007. That would make me a very happy Reds fan.   

It’s been Ages

It’s been ages since i posted here. Been sick, busy etc. There are not many games left this season. It has had it’s up’s and down’s. Meet some new Reds i adore. Meet David Ross again. Knew of him when was a Dodger. Missed Sean Casey a lot. Reds then got rid of Austin Kerns. Seen the Reds 9 times this year at Busch Stadium. Saw the Phillies 3 times. Seen The Astros 3 times. Gonna see the Astros for my 4th time September 13th. Gonna go to games in 2 weeks to see Brian Giles.No idea who will make the playoffs.First Choice Reds. Second Choice Phillies. 3RD Astros. 4TH Choice Padres. Padres just because of Brian Giles, Geoff Blum and Trevor Hoffmann. I hope to at least attend one playoff game. But if the Cards don’t make it won’t go to any. Because i can’t afford to travel. But if i had to choose. I’d rather the Reds win the Central and just have to watch them on tv.Seeing them on tv would be better than them not making the playoffs at all.      

Another Loss

Crud Reds and Phillies Lost. I can remember this time last week. I was so excited about how the Reds where playing.Now i’m bummed and broken hearted again. My Reds and Phillies always find a way to break my heart. My Astros won. As usal the Cards are in 1st place. I want to gag. EWWW Cardinals.